Motivational Kinesiology Session

What is Motivational Kinesiology 

I work with you to identify the issues blocking any current integration issues.
With muscle monitoring I am able to find the best solution for each imbalance in your body.

Motivational Kinesiology Training Programs

Level One

This workshop introduces the basic concepts of Kinesiology in a fun, easy-to-use style. Find out how to ensure a person really willing to change or improve their situation.

Level Two

In this workshop we cover techniques that assist to identify & clear these blocks, to allow us to fully see our own & other peoples true potential, bringing about a better understanding of ourselves & others. 

Level Three

In this workshop we cover ways to assist identifying any blocks a person may be unaware of or unwilling to acknowl-edge. Effective listening & questioning is discussed, with personal & clinical experience shared.

Level Four

This workshop fine tunes you're muscle monitoring skills & introduces the concept of the energy aspect & its use, to more effectively monitor what the body is telling you.

About Wayne

Wayne is a Master Practitioner with over 25 years experience helping people to attain their dreams and goals and improve their health.

While I find it easy to talk about the subjects i am passionate about, a friend recently pointed out I don’t always talk about myself. Touch of introvert showing, I guess.

Starting with Louise L. Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life the journey has taken many twists and turns.

Beginning with the basic physically based kinesiology’s, the journey continually redirected me to the mental/emotional/spiritual realms. While the physical is still important to many, the real growth occurs when we move to the world of frequency and vibrations, the intangible world of thought  and feelings.

Our Aim

Our aim is to better inform you about the services we provide and any new and informative health and personal growth articles we come across. We provide articles on health related issues and cutting edge discoveries as well as our own insights and information to empower people to move into the space where they feel empowered.

Empowering others empowers yourself.

Empowering yourself empowers others.

Latest Book

Kissing the Black Dog

Creative Solutions for Depression, Anxiety and Other Stress Related Conditions

Depression/Anxiety or Are You Feeling Powerless?

So many people are on anti-depessants which treat symptoms not causes. Research shows depression and it’s mate, anxiety both have their roots in an unhealthy body and negative thinking. Many sufferers like to blame a myriad of other issues, instead of improving their health and changing their thinking.

As a society we have become soft and unwilling to step out of our comfort zones, it is far easier to take pills, feel sorry for ourselves and continue feeling powerless. There must be payoffs for living this way.

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Motivational Kinesiology

Kinesiology is a powerful tool for helping people change their lives. From the basics of aches and pains, to sensitivities, phobias, vision or hearing problems, learning and behavioural issues, Motivational Kinesiology offers solutions.

Motivational Kinesiology (MK) was created in 1997, with the vision of assisting people and animals to Reduce Stress and Increase Wellness. MK works at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, helping identify the undying issues (the cause) and bring about a healthy outcome.

MK is a blend of muscle testing, intuition and observing body language to unlock and heal the deeper cause underlying the outward effects of unresolved stress ad trauma.

From physical issues such as dehydration, Ionisation and Oxygenation issues too deeply held stress and trauma from childhood or our early lives MK can help unlock the Path to Healing.

Who Can Benefit?

MK can help most people with improving their health issues and is a powerful tool for releasing past physical, emotional and mental trauma. MK is a feast way to get to the deeper underlying issues that are blocking our healing. From babies through to the elderly, and animals MK is a versatile modality to tool for change.

What is Involved in a Session?

Most session take approximately one hour. The client is fully clothed and usually wilily on a massage table whilst specific muscles are tested. A series of questions will be asked and muscle tested for the answer. Physical, mental and emotional issues may be addressed. Through muscle testing it is possible to identify the key areas where stress is causing issues and be corrected.

Our Happy Clients

Wayne helped me move from playing with bamboo swords to playing with the real thing.

Brenton L


Thank you Wayne -your book has blown me away – it has turned a light on & given hope for a new direction.

Maggie S

Caloundra Qld

Wow Wayne, just finished my second reading of Kissing the Black Dog, and am wondering how you fit so much into 144 pages?

Mike G


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